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Happily's mission is to make meditation, mindfulness, and everything else well-being very easy for you to adopt in your life!

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Power of Storytelling

Happily delivers Happiness through easy to consume stories! So if you want to feel calm you hear a Calming Story, if you want to feel motivated hear an Inspiring Story. There is something that is super easy to consume for any of your Happiness goals!

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*sample Story
The Wise Old Oak

5 mins 23 sec

Fits into your everyday behaviour

Happily's content can be consumed in walk mode or rest mode. So you can consume it while sitting at home, going for a walk or commuting to work. It fits into your schedule not the other way round!

Want to unwind but don't feel like sitting in one place?

Listen to an Unwind Story on a Happily Walk...

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Wisdom of the Monarch Butterflies
Nature Story WALK

15 mins 07 sec

*sample Story

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Small, easy steps to build lasting change (habits)

There is a lot of content available around for your wellbeing but how often do we take action after consuming that content? Happily's content is followed up by small nudges so you can take your learning to action everyday in small, easy steps!

Happily Habits

Success Mindset
Self Worth
Feeling Calm
Slowing Down
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