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Workplace Wellness and its Importance



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Workplace Wellness. A term that has caught the attention of every manager in the corporate industry. And rightly so.

Employees have always been invaluable assets to companies. But in recent years, tight deadlines, poor working conditions, and unhealthy work environments have adversely affected employees and their health. However, with time, employees are beginning to realise their worth. They are now vocal about issues that matter to them and wish to work with companies that align with their values, especially those that encourage and support a work-life balance.

What is Workplace Wellness?

Workplace wellness, as a concept, involves programs and initiatives undertaken and introduced by employers to help employees overcome the problems they face. They help improve employee health – mentally, physically and emotionally – and encourage them to make better health choices. 


Examples of such initiatives include training sessions, seminars and health facilities at work. These help employees feel and perform their best while influencing their quality of life. 


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Why is Workplace Wellness Important?

Many employers now understand that the health and wellness of an employee directly impact productivity, employee retention and company profits. An unhappy or unhealthy employee will lead to lousy performance and poor results – which will naturally affect the organisation’s outputs.

Moreover, low productivity, high job turnovers, increased stress and absenteeism tend to cost employers a lot of money, whereas the cost of preventing an employee’s illness is significantly lower. 

Today, wellness at work has become a top global priority everywhere. Given its many benefits, companies are now willing to spend and invest in programs that ensure holistic employee development.


Top 5 Benefits of Workplace Wellness


  1. Improved Productivity and Reduced Absence Rates
    Low productivity at work is often due to poor health. Employees that eat unhealthily or exercise irregularly are likely to be unproductive and at a higher risk of chronic health diseases. Employee wellness programs promote good health habits making productivity improvement immediately noticeable. It also results in improved focus, concentration and motivation to fulfil tasks to the best of capabilities.  
  2. More Employee Engagement
    Do you want your employees to be more engaged and enthusiastic at work? The solution is simple: start caring more about them. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they automatically begin to reciprocate with an increased commitment and dedication toward their work. Empowering employees also enables strong bonds in the workplace, which helps improve enthusiasm, engagement and morale. 
  3. Improved Health
    One of the biggest and most important perks of a wellness program is that it encourages employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. These behaviours include getting the required sleep, building healthy eating habits, exercising often, etc. Employers benefit from fewer sick leaves by employees and higher productivity. For employees, the benefits are reduced medical expenses, reduced health risks and ultimately, having more time and energy to spend on family, friends and hobbies. 
  4. Reduced Stress
    Today more and more wellness programs address and include mental well-being in their agendas. This may involve specific activities aimed at stress management, combating depression and improving mental health. The results? Employees are less agitated and stressed at work and experience increased empathy and a supportive workplace culture! 
  5. Low Absence And High Retention Rates
    Another direct benefit of workplace wellness is reduced absenteeism and increased retention. Healthy, stress-free and productive employees are less likely to skip work. Companies with impactful wellness programs also have an edge over other companies: they can hire and retain their best employees for longer. Not only do talented job-seeking candidates prefer to work with companies that prioritise employee health, but a good employee wellness program also builds loyalty among existing employees! 
  6. How To Promote Workplace Wellness
    Remember that employees don’t want grand gestures. We often see companies add a foosball table to the breakroom, organise parties on Fridays and claim to have a “fun culture”. However, the truth is that culture is more than just objects. It’s about creating an environment where every employee feels valued and maintaining a secure wellness culture in the company. 


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Implementing Workplace Wellness

Need ideas on how to facilitate workplace wellness in your company? Keep reading to find out.


  1. Be Flexible
    One of the most significant impacts of the pandemic on the workplace was the large-scale adoption of “remote working”. Thanks to technology, work-from-home quickly became the norm for most of us. However, at the same time, there was an increase in burnout as not all employees could easily follow a remote routine. Now, this is where flexibility comes in. Pandemic or no pandemic, employers must be able to create a flexible office environment that caters to all employees and helps them maintain a healthy work-life balance.   
  2. Fitness Activities
    In most offices, employees are seated at their desks for long hours, reducing their physical activity and movements to almost zero. They also usually lack the time and energy to engage in any exercise post-work. Employers can change this trend by making fitness facilities available to employees on-site such as gyms and fitness classes. Even group activities outside work hours such as cycling events, exercise tournaments or swimming groups can help employees stay motivated to be fit and healthy. 
  3. Availability of Healthy Foods
    With limited lunch hours and hectic work days, most employees opt for fast food and unhealthy snacking. When companies make healthy foods available within the office premises, it encourages employees to make healthy eating decisions. One could create a cafeteria setup within work premises or even partner with a healthy food delivery service to deliver food and snacks to employees! 
  4. Mental Health & Other Programs
    The last couple of years has truly brought to light the growing importance of mental wellness. Both employers and employees have realised that not just physical health, but their emotional and mental health is crucial too. With work burnout, depression, anxiety and stress becoming increasingly common, such programs are the need of the hour. Support groups, access to therapy and wellness sessions are a few techniques that could help employees gain peace of mind. 
  5. Communicating With Employees
    You may adopt all the above workplace wellness initiatives, but if you don’t communicate well with your employees, it’s a lost cause. Creating a culture in a work environment that promotes open communication and sharing concerns and feelings is of utmost importance. By holding regular feedback sessions, you can facilitate smooth communication to create an engaged and happy workplace. 


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The Bottom Line

Employees that are healthy, happy and valued by their employers are more productive at work. It’s a win-win situation as it benefits both the employer and the employee. A good corporate wellness programme is one where an employee’s mental, physical and emotional well-being is taken care of; one that’s essential for an organisation to thrive and survive. 

If you’re an employee considering job offers from various companies, try finding out more details about their employee wellness programs before making a decision. And if you’re an employer, there’s no time like now to introduce workplace wellness at your firm. The rewards are worth all the costs and efforts!


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