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Finding Happiness: The Happily Way



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“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice”

                                                                                                                                            -Jim Rohn


From young children and high-school students to corporate employees and the aged who have seen more of life – there’s one thing that remains common among all of us: our need to be happy. But when life does not go to plan, being happy may seem not only difficult but impossible. However, the truth is: everyone deserves to be happy, and there surely are ways of finding happiness

But how can one be happy? Now you may know this – happiness doesn’t come from driving the latest car, buying a new home or having plenty of money. Sure, those things can also make one happy, but if you’re looking for lifelong, true happiness that is not momentary, this read is for you.


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Contrary to popular belief, happiness isn’t something that just happens to anyone. Every person has the power and ability to make a change in their surroundings, behaviours and relationships and add happiness to their lives. And who knows? Happiness could be right here with you all along – all you need to do is look within.

Today, we explore seven ways of finding happiness in everyday life and how we can boost our contentment meter by implementing the below habits!


Surround Yourself With Happy People

We all know laughter to be contagious. But is happiness contagious too? It is! 

There’s no denying that we are social beings that thrive on human connections and bonds. In recent years technological advances have isolated us, making us lonelier. This is where regular social contact becomes essential. Staying connected with others makes us happy and is vital for our overall well-being. Moreover, a study has shown that when we surround ourselves with happy, cheerful people, it enables us to see the world differently. It could be a spouse, sibling or next-door neighbour – choosing to spend time with positive people who only want the best for you and are happy themselves will, believe it or not, make you happy. Similarly, your happiness could influence others as well. So stay positive, energetic and joyful, and you could spread happy vibes to others too!


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Write What You Feel

For years, people have vouched how daily writing or the act of journaling (even for 15 minutes) can improve overall happiness and wellness. Because, through writing, we express our emotions and feelings, navigate thoughts and can also resolve inner conflicts. We even recommend maintaining a gratitude journal so on days you feel especially low, you can look back on previous entries and find something to be grateful for. Remembering your happiest moments from the past can motivate you to keep moving forward and look for more joy in your life. 

Enjoy The Simple Things

When you start seeing life as an amalgamation of little joys, you learn to appreciate and enjoy it more. And believe us, it will boost your mood. Start getting excited about the smallest yet wonderful things that happen to you: silly jokes shared with a friend, a cup of hot coffee on a chilly winter day, spending time with your pet or listening to your favourite song. Once you find happiness in these, you will start leading a happy life!

Don’t Rely On Others 

We cannot state this enough: your happiness is in your charge! When you feel happy with and about yourself, you will stop seeking validation from others. Often in life, as we manoeuvre through various relationships, we may begin to place the responsibility for our happiness onto somebody else or blame situations when things go wrong. However, you must realise that the power lies in you – to take charge, get where you want to go and find your happiness. Don’t look outside or at others for help. The answers lie within.


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Help Others

There is evidence to prove that helping others makes you happy. Yes, volunteering your time, energy and money not only makes the world better but also you! It can be spending time with a stressed friend, volunteering with a local charity on weekends, or simply helping a family member with a task. The action of helping another will improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself. Finding your purpose, one where you believe you’re making a difference and an impact in the lives of others is also bound to help your self-confidence and give you a sense of worth, eventually leading to sustained happiness.

Focus On The Present 

Ruminating over past memories or stressing and worrying about what will happen in the future are things we all do. But does it bring us any happiness? You may already know the answer to that. The past is gone. The future we cannot predict. However, what we do have control over is the present. Acknowledging the present and learning to live in the moment allows you to boost your happiness levels. We’re not saying don’t learn from your past mistakes or plan for the future, but all we’re saying is do not obsess over it. Let go of worries, take a deep breath, look around you, and enjoy this moment.

Be Content 

Unrealistic expectations can ruin happiness and even put unnecessary pressure on relationships. Appreciating and being content and satisfied with your life at present is a great way to be happy. Acknowledge and cherish what you have because, let’s admit it – no matter how much we chart our life and want it to be a certain way, life will have other plans. Work towards your goals and aim for better things, but also recognise and appreciate the great things you already have. There is a certain peace in accepting things as they are and letting go of expectations of how they should be. 


We hope you found the above tips helpful and are excited to discover what works best for you. The goal is to acknowledge that you can be happy in whatever situation you’re in!

PS: if you’re in search of happiness right here and right now, here are some quick ways to achieve so: smile more, smile often, engage in a physical activity like taking a walk or indulge in some deep breathing. And remember, there are always plenty of reasons to be happy!

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