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10 Celebrities Who Swear By Daily Meditation for Their Mental Health

Celebrity Meditation


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Have you ever wondered how the famous stay calm and composed amid their hectic lifestyles and constant exposure? Well, their secret weapon to managing stress and anxiety is no exclusive medication or an expensive retreat somewhere exotic. It is, believe it or not, the simple act of meditation.

That’s right. The most influential business personalities, Hollywood’s legendary actors, celebrated sportspersons and Instagram’s favourite celebrities….everyone is a meditation enthusiast. And we are here to tell you all about it!

Read on to discover how your favourite celebrities use the power of daily meditation to find calm and inner peace and achieve all their well-deserved accolades. Ready? Let’s find out.

1. Katy Perry

Did you know that this iconic pop star is a transcendental meditation fan? Yes! Over the last ten years, she has released several number-one singles and is often on the road for concerts and tours. Owing to this stress, Katy turned to meditation to help her stay focused and creative and find her moments of peace. Before writing a new song or performing on stage, Katy meditates to feel her best self. According to sources, she got her road crew hooked on meditation too! Further opening up about her meditation practice, she says it has helped her with her anxiety and labels it as an incredible and straightforward tool with a powerful impact.  

2. LeBron James

The basketball superstar is well-known for his physical fitness, workout regimen and intense focus on staying fit. However, LeBron also pays close attention to his mental health and is a regular meditator. Whether it’s rational decision-making, cognitive performance or the ability to perform even under intense pressure, meditation often helps athletes deal with the above and prioritise their mental health. When speaking on meditation, LeBron says it helps him stay calm yet focused in his personal and professional life. In fact, the NBA legend has been spotted meditating on the bench before crucial games and has gone on to smash his opponents and lead his team to victory!

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3. Jerry Seinfeld

Famous for his groundbreaking sitcom, Seinfeld, this comedian and actor is a long-time devotee of transcendental meditation. It’s no hidden fact that as the executive producer and star of the show, Jerry was handling a lot during the shoot of Seinfeld. When speaking of meditation, Jerry has credited the practice for enabling him to get through it all. Each morning, he’d meditate without a miss. So much so that even after the end of the last season, he continued to practice meditation – and has been practising for over 40 years! Known for his likeable personality and wit, Jerry believes that meditation allows him to take things easy.

4. Shahrukh Khan

The Indian superstar, also known as the “King of Bollywood”, believes in meditation and has been practising it for years. Shahrukh’s journey with meditation began many years ago when he was going through a difficult phase in life, personally and professionally. To cope with the situation, Khan turned to meditation and has been a vocal advocate ever since. While speaking about his meditation practice (primarily mindfulness meditation), Shahrukh mentioned how meditation has helped him become more focused and grounded. He reveals it to be the secret behind his success and has helped him maintain a bright outlook on life.

5. Bill Gates

Speaking of distinguished business icons, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is another addition to the list of new meditators. In his blog, GatesNotes, Bill says that initially, he was sceptical of meditation and regarded it as a “woo-woo thing tied somehow to reincarnation”. However, after further reading and learning about meditation, he better understood the practice and now meditates regularly. He regards meditation as an exercise for the mind, similar to exercising the muscles. A few minutes of daily meditation helps him focus on the thoughts in his head while gaining a healthy distance from them.

6. Deepika Padukone

When speaking openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression, Deepika has credited meditation as the critical element in managing her mental health. She considers it a non-negotiable part of her routine, devoting at least 10 to 15 minutes daily (either in the morning or before bed). Deepika’s journey and experience with meditation are inspiring to say the least. Despite having a demanding career, she prioritises her mental health and self-care and encourages everyone to do the same.

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7. Jeff Weiner

Yes, the man behind one of the most successful resources on the Internet is also a meditation follower. When you run a successful business-social networking platform such as LinkedIn, you’re naturally required to perform and make critical decisions under pressure. In such situations, Jeff has thanked meditation for helping him think clearly and develop a newfound ability to withstand pressure while strategising his business. He describes mindfulness as an indispensable productivity tool that he indulges in daily! The time he spends meditating and stepping back from his ideas and objectives significantly impacts his performance as a leader and team collaborator.

8. Megan Fox

The dynamic actress known for her stunning looks and roles in movies such as Transformers is also a meditation lover. Megan considers meditation essential and has been practising daily for over a decade. Over the years, meditation has helped her navigate difficult times, keep a positive attitude and find peace. Megan has even described how meditation helped her be more present in the moment, aware of her emotions, connect deeply with her characters, and ultimately become a better actress. The star often relies on guided and deep visualisation meditation and has even shared her meditation routine on social media.

9. Jonathan Van Ness

Adding to the list of celebrities who meditate regularly is Jonathan Van Ness. Queer Eye’s resident beauty guru is a disciple of yoga and meditation, ensuring he indulges in the two every morning. Describing yoga as “moving meditation”, Jonathan emphasises the importance of doing it every day and at a similar time, even for a short duration. Like most of us, Jonathan also suffers from occasional bouts of insomnia, where he may wake up in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts. He listens to a calming podcast and does guided meditation or restorative yoga postures to fall back asleep. 

10. Kareena Kapoor Khan

A leading Bollywood actress, Kareena’s experience with meditation and mindfulness is known to many. She practises Vipassana (a meditation style that focuses on one’s thoughts and feelings without judgement) to help her stay grounded and cope with her busy lifestyle and the unusual stress that comes along with it. Kareena is also an ardent follower of yoga and practises it with meditation to stay physically fit. If you glance at her Instagram profile, you’ll often find her sharing snippets from her yoga and therapeutic meditation sessions. The actress always makes time for meditation and fitness at work or on vacation.

There you go. If you have been on the fence regarding meditation, we hope this glimpse into the meditation practices of your favourite celebrities helps you take the leap. Whether it’s anxiety management, improved focus or enhanced creativity, meditation has numerous benefits: all waiting to be uncovered. 

As with starting any new practice, embarking on the journey of meditation is a challenging endeavour. It requires patience, persistence and the courage to confront your own limitations. We understand that. Listening to mindful and calming stories can be a great place to start your meditation journey. Love to walk? Walking meditation or mindful walking (popularised by an influential Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh) is another easy way to begin meditating. Make sure also to check out our Beginners blog which serves as a helpful read in learning simple meditation tips and techniques!

So, the next time when you feel overwhelmed, go ahead and give meditation a try. You might just discover the secret to achieving your version of celebrity zen.

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